Day in the Life: Christine Brown

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Christine is a recent college graduate and is ecstatic about her internship at Owaves. She earned two Associate Degrees from Mesa and transferred to SDSU where she earned a Bachelors Degree in English. Christine eventually wants to use her skill in writing to spread a message of kindness toward animals and the environment. Owaves is an excellent place to start because not only …

Seasonal Day Plans

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Craft your vision season by season Your body changes with the seasons, throughout the year. Your day plans should too. This summer, we rolled out Seasonal Goals. In that announcement, we discussed the importance of circannual rhythms – annual biological patterns that impact our daily lives. Now we’re introducing Seasonal Day Plans! Each day, depending on our relation to the equator, we …

Mark Warren Jacques's ideal day plan

Day in the Life: Mark Warren Jacques

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Mark Warren Jacques is a contemporary visual artist, musician and designer. Over the past two decades, he has exhibited his work extensively with solo gallery exhibitions and large scale murals mounted in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, New York, and internationally in Australia, Spain, and Canada. His unmistakable style and unique approach have also established him commercially as a sought-after creative …

Kasey Wanford's Day Plan

Day in the Life: Kasey Wanford

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I’ve have always been passionate about art but started making it seriously five years ago. I participated in a 100 day art challenge on Instagram, where we post new art everyday, and doing this is how I started making digital art. I’m still a painter though, so you will find me in my art studio most days playing with acrylic paint. My …

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Sunrise Walks

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What is the single, most healthy habit? 🤔 Good question… Some ideas for the best habits Prioritize your relationships Sleep 7-9hrs a day Eat mostly veggies and plants So why might sunrise walks outrank everything above? We think best in the morning 🌤 Our alertness levels peak during the morning hours, thanks to a healthy boost of cortisol. This means, the best …

New Year or New Season?

Seasonal Goals

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Do you remember the last time you successfully completed a New Year’s resolution? 🤔 If the answer is “No!,” then try seasonal goals. Introduction to Circannual Rhythms Our bodies evolved to synchronize with the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Variations in temperature and daylight throughout the year – depending on latitude – have informed the best periods for mammals to …

Scott Parish, Owaves Co-Founder

Day in the Life: Scott Parish

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I’m the lead designer for Owaves! I live in San Diego with my beautiful wife and our dogs Reggie and Nima. When not designing, I can be found cooking, gardening, surfing, hiking or drawing, almost always with music in the background. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, backpacking and traveling.   Location San Diego, California What’s your personal motto? We’re …

Day in the Life: Isabel Villegas

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  Meet Isabel Villegas, a Community Developer at Owaves! She is a student working towards her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Isabel loves hanging out with her family and friends and she also LOVES going to concerts and Disneyland! Location San Diego, CA What’s your personal motto? “Be Kind” What’s your favorite vegetable? Broccoli What’s your favorite exercise? Dancing What’s your favorite …

Day in the Life: Matin Nazari

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  Introducing Matin Nazari, the Director of Community Development here at Owaves! Matin lives in San Diego and loves learning about health and medicine and spending time outdoors! He aspires to live a healthy life by staying active, eating well-balanced meals, and adhering to a proper sleep schedule. In order to nurture his mind and body, Matin makes it a priority to engage …

Day in the Life: Delaney Green

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  Meet Delaney Green, a Community Developer at Owaves! Delaney is currently a 2nd year at SDSU where she’s majoring in marketing and also a flyer on the cheer team. On her free time, she loves going to hot yoga, running, weight lifting, and exploring San Diego. She’s also a huge foodie and loves to post about it on TikTok! Location San Diego, …